Friday, 8 February 2019

Back to school

In Room 5 we have done lots of different
 activities through out the week and these
 are a few things we have done.  We all
 decorated a piece of paper that looked 
like a puzzle piece. We had to write our 
name in BOLD letters and draw a few
 pictures of what we like doing our
 favourite food and our favourite animal. 
 It was really fun and I enjoyed 
decorating it the most.  We also made
 dragon masks and coloured them in for
 Luna new year. You could either do a
 mask or a lantern, I made a mask and I 
used lots of bright colours and It looks 
really good.  We did a back to school mad
 Libs worksheet. These are the questions 
we had to answer:  Emotion, Famous 
Female, 2 Number, 2 Noun (thing),  
2 Food, Famous land form, 2 adjectives,
 colour and verb ending in-ing.  Then we 
put all our answers into a story and it was
 really fun!  This week has been great!



Monday, 4 February 2019


Camp was so much fun and I think it’s safe to say that mostly everyone did
not want to leave. We did so many cool activities it’s hard to keep track of
them all! Here are a few of the Activities: Mountain biking, Surf Kayaking,
Sailing, Snorkelling, Abe sailing, rock climbing, Archery, Giants ladder, 
Stack em, and Dinghy games. My legs got completely covered in bruises!
We stayed at camp for 4 nights and 5 days. We had to cover ourselves in
loads of sunscreen because it was so hot! On the last day at camp we
went into the rock pools on the beach and saw so much marine life, it was
so cool! We also had ice blocks while the teachers told us what car we
were going back to school in. I was sad to leave camp but happy to see
my family again.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018


In Room 6 we have been working on this puzzle 
for a long time and its finished. I had fun 
working on the puzzle with my classmates. 
 I hope we can do it in my new class next year.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Passport tasks interview

In topic I am doing an Interview with someone
 about there favorite NZ singer, Once Im done
 I am going to make it into a Interview. This is it:

Who was your fave NZ singer?
DD smash

Why did you like them?
They made good songs

If band, who were the members?
Dave Dobbyn and the drummer 

How old are they now?
In there 60's

What were some of there songs?
Magic what she do and out look for thursday

What was there top song?
Slice of heaven

DD stands for Dave Dobbyn and smash is what the 
drummer called himself because he liked to smash
 the drums.  Dave Dobbyn went to sacred heart.


In Math we have made up 3 different logos
 for pretend companies.  We all made a slide
 show with all 3 logos the companies were: 
Sweeties, the company that makes sugar free
 lollies.  Dudes, The company that make cool
 clothes especially for primary students and
 Gadgets: That allow you to make your own
 toys. It was really fun and I hope we can do
 it again!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Graduation mass

On Wednesday we all went to mass for
 the Graduation to celebrate the Year 
6's leaving.  All the Year 5's got a 
candle from the Year 6's Because 
next year the Year 5's will be Year 6's!

Christmas cards

Today we made Christmas cards and they turned out really well,
I'm looking forward to giving the card to my parents.
This is what they look like: