Friday, 14 June 2019

Book Week!

This week was Book Week! One of the best weeks
 of the school year! Today is the last day of book
 week!  There were so many activities to do!  I even 
won a book cover competition.  You had to design a
 NEW book cover for one of your favourite books.  
I made a Ruby Redfort book cover.  Ruby Redfort
 was written by Lauren Child.  My prize for winning 
was $10.00 to spend at our book fair.  The book fair 
is when they get loads of NEW books and people 
can buy them.  I really enjoyed Book Week!

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Maths Co-ordinates

In Room 5 for maths we have been learning
 about co-ordinates.  We all got the exact same 
sheet for the co-ordinates. It was a bit difficult
 at first but as I went on it became easier and
 easier!  It was very fun and the picture on our
 sheet was a a panda doing the floss!  When we 
finished our first co-ordinate sheet we got a
 new one that had decimals. I'm still working
 on my decimal one know!  The decimal one
 I got is a dabbing pug. 

Friday, 7 June 2019

Water filter experiments

In Room 5 we have been learning about water safety.
 We had to do an experiment with one other person 
and try to create a water filter out of any 4 materials.
 These were our options: Cotton balls, Sand, Paper
 towels, and Bark. Me and Kayano used Cotton balls 
and paper towels. What you had to do was have two 
containers one with a hole on the bottom and one
 with no holes. You had to place the one with the
 hole on top of the other one. Then you had to put in
 your chosen materials and then pour water on the 
materials. The water had Cooking oil,Paper, and
 Compost in side. Me and Kayano's filter worked
 OK. All the bits didn't go through but our end
 result was a bit yellow. I really enjoyed doing
this experiment.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Cross Country

Today was Cross Country.  We have been training
 hard for a few weeks. The track we ran was long
 but we had to do it twice!  It was exhausting.  I
 came 8th out of 11 people.  Lucy came 1st,
 Jemima came 2nd, Soeun came 3rd, and Hannah 
came 4th.  Here are some photos of Cross Country. 

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Samoan language week

This week was Samoa week.  We did lots of fun and
 cool activities.  One of the activities was about a 
myth. You had to read it and then do activities on it. 
There was also a worksheet titled 'All about Samoa'. 
 You had to fill it out and then decorate it.  This is 
what mine looks like.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Country posters

In Room 5, we have all been making country posters. My country was
Spain, I had to research lots of facts about Spain and then make a
poster.  There were lots of countries to choose from. It took a while to
get them finished but the end result was great! I'm very proud of my
country poster and I think I put a lot of effort in.  The most difficult part
was colouring in the Spanish flag because there were so many little
details. I really enjoyed making the posters and researching lots of
interesting facts!

Friday, 3 May 2019

ANZAC Brouchures

It was the 5th of May.  ANZAC day had arrived.
 To celebrate this day we made ANZAC day
 brochures.  I partnered up with Allessandra.  Our
 brochure was about Middleton Beckett, A man
 who went to war at 18 years old.  Sadly, he
 died when he was 19, caused by his wombs. 
 Here is a picture of our brochure.